Tutorial for Quilted Shoulder Bag with Inside Pockets

Pick your fabric and batting - I started with two fat quarters, one for the front and one for the back.

 I selected a contrasting fat quarter for the purse flap and cut into a V-shape

From my fabric stash I picked unbleached muslin for the lining and an contrasting fabric for the inside pockets.

 Front purse panel on top of batting on top of muslin lining, pinned together and top stitched with a quilting stitch on my Designer I sewing machine.  Do this for the back panel also.

Lay out the pockets on the inside lining and pin in place.

Pockets placed and pinned.

I turned under the pockets edges and hemmed down the sides and bottom, then sewed three lines across the top of the pockets before pinning to the lining for the finally placement of pockets.

Pockets sewed to lining.  Lay lining on wrong side of quilted front panel and pin.

Pockets sewed to lining.  Lay on wrong side of back quilted panel and pin.

Place wrong sides together, not right sides, and pin and sew down one side across the bottom and up the other side, including the purse flap.

 I made my own bias tape and made it long enough to be the strap also.  Just cut fabric in the width you want for a strap and continue joining strips together to get the length you want.  Then just fold over the edges and pin to the purse all around, sew, then fold over again to the other side of purse and sew.  Takes a little work but I think it is a simple way to put it together.

 I probably did not give enough detail for the flap and adding the edge around the top opening of the purse.  If you need help just email me and I will try to explain it better.  Homespun Alley email

I also made matchbook notepads that are refillable to match the purse.  These are really handy to keep in your purse for that quick note or grocery list for the store, and errands to be run.