From the Customers Point of View

This is a must read from the Etsy forum entitled "Suggestions from a buyer" by coffcat. Link to the thread:


I have invited coffcat to comment here on my blog and share some more wonderful points for all of us sellers on Etsy!

So check back soon!


tattytiara said...

Great link and glad I read it. A buyer who takes the time to let us know what the experience is like on their end is a very rare and very valuable gift.

coffcat said...

Hello! Thank you for inviting me and for linking to my post. To tell you the truth I got a much larger reaction for this thread than I expected! It never occurred to me that people would actually want to hear my suggestions as a buyer. I think that it helped a lot of people get a better understanding of what a buyer wants. I feel that etsy gives the seller a good chance to really connect with the buyer in a way that large companies couldn't begin to do. Unfortunately so many sellers are trying so hard to compete on a professional level (super detailed photos, expensive supplies, fancy wrappings) that they forget that awesome handmade aspect which is what originally brings most people there to shop. I would pop by the forums and it would be post after post of sellers agonizing over photos, banners, packaging, business cards, icons etc that it seemed that they were forgetting thier most important asset...their items! They'd be so busy asking each other advice that they seemed to have forgotten that they were asking the wrong people! I would have been happy to tell them what would have encouraged me to buy in their shop. Too bad they didn't ask me, eh? In the long run though, I hope to have touched a few people and maybe they'll give some of my tips to others just starting and who knows they might see me in their shop sometime buying something! :)

ragqueen said...

I remember this post. Great suggestions and I think you are right coffcat, about listening to what buyers want.

Unfortunately, comparatively speaking, not alot of buyers post. That why you got such a great response to your thread. When buyers speak up WE LISTEN! lol