Quilting Arts Magazine Just Arrived!

This is a 'must see' for all you artistic crafters ! This issue is called "Our Go Green Issue" and shows some beautiful art work using recycled items!

My favorite is called "Recycled Remnants" by Belinda Spiwak, who also has an Etsy shop, Art Dust Bunnies. Check it out on page 64 of Quilting Arts new issue #34. Also see page 82 for Belinda's 5"x5" quilt challenge square.

Another wonderful article is "The Test of Time Rusting Fabric" by Claire Waguespack Fenton. She explains how to rust the fabric before printing on. I will definitely be giving this a try for myself! Page 18.

The "Go Green!" Reader Challenge Results starting on page 78 has more wonderful recycled art work! Wonderful examples of using the bits and pieces you have lying around.

Continue to 'Go Green'! Recycle, Upcycle, Renew, Reuse!

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Crazy Art Girl said...

Thanks for the kind comments.

Hi. You need an "email me" thing on your blog or I might have missed it. I cannot put the pict of the wall hanging on your blog since it is in a magazine. I can email you other pieces from recycled materials to put on there. Let me know.