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I have a website,, also called (this domain is for sale), where I sell ear candles and accessories. I have handmade and sold ear candles for over 16 years. And I wrote a small book, “Happy Candling and Good Health!”, about ear candling, which includes a history, different types made and sold, and tips for proper usage.

Candling BibEar Candles

I added Grandma Betty’s Body Butters about 8 years later. I make solid body butter, lip butter and Bug Away from shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E and essential oil scents. My Bug Away has Eucalyptus and Rosemary plus all the other ingredients used in the body butters and will repel insects for up to 3 hours. Since the body butters are in solid form you can leave them out on an open dish next to your bed, TV, kitchen sink or bath and they will never dry out! You just rub the bar in your hands and the oils come to the surface, then rub the bar anywhere you have dry skin. These are luxurious oils and make your skin so very soft plus the coconut oil is a wonderful healer for the skin. I also have Grandma Betty’s listed on 2nd Avenue of Victorian Heart Shoppe,

Large Heart Body Butter

In May 2008 I opened my supply shop on Etsy, called I am into recycling, upcycling, vintage findings, fabric design, making tags etc. I collect feathers from my chickens and guineas and wash them with borax and air dry, then put them up for sell in my shop. I also collect bark and interesting flora from my 3 acres and heat in an oven to kill microbes than either leave natural or coat with a polycrylic and resell.


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