Is Etsy Losing the Handmade Image?

I keep seeing threads on Etsy for supply sources other then Etsy first! I understand we can't find everything we need on Etsy, but I would think people who sell on Etsy would look on Etsy first before going to mass produced products and supplies. Maybe some do but this particular thread certainly did not even suggest that. It was more like here is list of sources on my blog, come check it out. Which I did check out and still think some of the sources offered items that could be found on Etsy.

One comment on a thread today even suggested to give "dollar" store items as freebies when shipping an order to a customer! Unheard of, from an Etsy seller!

Where is pride of handmade? Why not make a little "Thank You!" tag that could be reused? Or a pretty piece of fabric, or stationery, or card for the customer to use.

I personally would be insulted to receive a "dollar" store item made in China.

Then there was the thread concerned about getting their order from China for jewelry making. Seems their China source told them they could not ship quickly because of the Olympics and the stepped up checking of all outgoing shipments!

I really believe most Etsy sellers are there to be part of the handmade image and truly believe in using recycled, up-cycled, and re-purposed 'stuff' to make a creative statement and a useful and beautiful item or items.

For those who do make the beautiful creative, crafty and useful items I say may God bless and prosper you abundantly! May Etsy have a prosperous long life, too!


Periwinkle Studio said...

I completely agree! :) Great post.

Louise said...

Etsy has become a free for all..i have even seen listings that say 'before you BID.." etc etc
It has become a real disappointment and i only remain there because its just a part of where i advertise. Thats what i consider it as in advertising venue. How can handmade proces compete with factory prices? its a shame that the admin are more concerned with flagging threads that criticise them rather than stopping sellers who post mass produced items...well the latter get in revenue i guess!

Grandma Betty said...

I think Etsy has grown faster then the owners ever dreamed and they haven't figured out how to handle it.

If they do not get help and hire more people over the next year I believe they will go the way Ebay.

I quit Ebay years ago because it became just too big. My listings got lost in so many subcategories it was ridiculous.

A Beaded Affair said...

Absolutely agree and I always try to buy Etsy first. The problem is though, that at least with jewelry, if you don't buy wholesale you either don't make a profit or you are way over priced, so....When I opened on Etsy I made the commitment to myself to buy handmade whenever I could and to only buy from in country suppliers when I can't. It's a compromise, but one I can live with.

Grandma Betty said...


I really think all the jewelry makers have it tough because there are sooo many of them. The really good ones have a difficult time shining thru all the others especially on Etsy.

Love your pearls and sapphires! Just gorgeous!

Going to checkout eCrater. Keep me posted on how you are doing there!