Last Day to submit link for "Best Blog Giveaway"

Come join in the fun! Share your 'Best Blog Giveaway'!

This is the last day to submit your link for our contest "Vote for the Best Blog Giveaway"!

Voting starts tomorrow and runs through Sept 5th. Voters get 20% off any purchase from my shop.

Winner of 'Best Blog Giveaway' get $20 via Paypal or $20 worth of merchandise from my shop! Winner to be announced Sept 6th!


Tamera said...

Hi, I'd like to submit my giveaway! you just convoed me and I think this is what im to do to enter...

Grandma Betty said...

Got it listed! Be sure and have all your friends come vote starting tomorrow!

Voters must leave a comment telling me they voted in order to receive 20% off any purchase from my shop.

One vote each only!


Handmade Showcase said...

Hi! I'd like to submit this giveaway of a beautiful ballerina sillhouette papercut by Tina Tarnoff. The giveaway is listed on my blog:

Grandma Betty said...


I can't list your blog link more then once and I already have yours in the list.

I have several links that will have more than one giveaway on it so be sure and look at all the giveaways on each site.

If the person with a giveaway on your site has their own link on a different blog then we could list that link.


Cards By Jenna said...

Thank you so much for including me! Love your blog and have added it to my "Blogs to Read" list. Great information and lots of variety make it fun to read. :-)