My Other Shop - Grandma Betty's

I have been busy trying to get my other shop back up and running. Started it ages ago but got caught up in life's events and it got pushed aside.

Finally got about 6 items listed and working on getting more of my body and lip butters, bug away, and gift sets up. Hopefully this week!

I only use organic ingredients, no chemicals ever! Shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, beeswax and essential fragrance oils. Shea butter and coconut oil are both wonderful moisturizers and skin healers.

Coconut oil is also a natural sunscreen, which most people don't know. Coconut oil melts at 72 degrees so as soon as you touch it to the skin it melts and soaks in quickly. There are so many benefits to coconut oil I will save it all for another posting and give you some websites to look at that have lots of research about this miracle oil that is one of the only saturated fats (yes, that is saturated fats) that is beneficial to your body and actually cleanses the liver if taken internally ( I use for frying foods and baking).

Please visit Grandma Betty's when you get a chance. http://grandmabettys.etsy.com

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