'Vote for the Best Blog Giveaway' Contest

Join us for the 'Vote for the Best Blog Giveaway' Contest.

There so many wonderful Blog Giveaways and I thought this would be a great way to share ideas with other seller/bloggers.

So all you bloggers sent me your link to YOUR Best Blog Giveaway! You have until August 30th to submit your Best Blog Giveaway! (Leave your link in a comment at the end of this post).

Voting for the 'Best Blog Giveaway' starts on August 31 and ends September 5th. To vote you must check the circle next to the Blog Giveaway you think is the best. See right sidebar for voting. I will be listing Blogs as they come in, so please do not vote until August 31st. This way you can take time to look at each Blog Giveaway that is submitted.

Winner to be announced on Saturday, September 6th.

Every person who votes will get 20% off any item in my Etsy shop. In order to keep it honest you must leave a comment with your Etsy user name or shop name so we can verify your vote and have a record for when you redeem your 20% off. If we do not have a comment from you then you will not receive this discount.

The winner of the Best Blog Giveaway will get $20 via Paypal or $20 towards merchandise in my Etsy shop.


woolies said...

hi, would love to share my blog with you, I do quite a few giveaways as well -

off to read more!

DAMdesigns LoveEtsyFeedback TagsAndButtons said...

always has them.

Chef Margaret said...

My contest is ongoing monthly: free graphic design or a $25 gift certificate from Cafepress.

Grandma Betty said...


Could you please send me a link to YOUR GIVEAWAY that you would like to submit as the "Best Blog Giveaway"?

I can't list every giveaway without their permission.

Please have each shop you featured submit their "Best Giveaway" link.


The Jilly Bean said...

What a great idea! Thanks for stopping by to visit with me, hope you come again soon.

Kylie B said...

I voted :)

Grandma Betty said...

kylie b,

You can not vote until Aug 31st. Voting starts Aug 31st and runs until Sept 5th.


bethany said...

I'm having a huge giveaway celebration starting Sept. 1st featuring 5 Etsy shops-I have up the list of shops here:

Simply Sentimental said...

What a GREAT blog...
I actually have 3 Give Aways going on right now from 3 different Etsy sellers....Here they are...

$5.00 Gift Certificate from AlsoAmy which ends August 30

Let's all go to the Lobby Poster from Joanna Goldman which ends Sept. 1

and finally,
Lampbead Necklace from Beth Singleton ends Sept. 3

Link to main blog: