Bubble Gum and Candy Wreaths - Yummy!

Have you seen the candy wreaths made with wire coat hangers and wrapped with candies?

My daughter (40's) saw some on Etsy and reminded me that I use to make them with bubble gum for her when she was a kid! She now has two daughters, 4 and 7, that also love bubble gum so we decided to make some small wreaths for them.

The bubble gum is all gone already but I decided to try some Smiley gum and Chick-O-Sticks and Tootsie Rolls. These are approximately 4" in diameter and holds about 1/2 pound of goodies.

Here are the results:

Needless to say they are going fast! The kids prefer the Smiley gum and Tootsie Rolls but my daughter I prefer the Chick-O-Sticks.

You can hang them on a desk drawer knob or file cabinet or kitchen cabinet knob or any handy spot because everyone will want one!

These make really neat inexpensive gifts for office workers, friends, and birthdays for both kids and adults.

If you want to order some visit my shop Renewed Resources

If you want a specific kind of candy let me know and I will make one for you.

I am working on a heart shaped one for Grandma Betty's Body Butter heart shaped bars and will post when I get them finished. These will be perfect for a bath or bedroom and will smell so good you will think you can eat them, but please don't! Just pull one little heart bar off and rub on any dry area of the skin for healing the skin and a luxurious moisturizer.


Jeweltrinkets said...

I love these, reminds me of my childhood. We used to make them for christmas, with macrame! (Non edible)

Altered-gypsy said...

These look so yummy...

You have won the "I love your blog" award:


Terri said...

Wow these are great! What a unique idea...Somebody must have a sweet tooth.

Becca Nelson said...

Fun! Great idea.

Erin, maker of chimes said...

I remember these!

storybeader said...

that's the cutest thing! Great to bring to work - but I wouldn't hang it on my door Halloween night!