Coconut Oil Cures Testimonials

I want to share some of the testimonials from people who have used coconut oil on a daily basis and gotten some amazing results. These are taken from Dr Bruce Fife's book, "Coconut Cures".

Increased energy and metabolism:

I took coconut oil for the first time yesterday, 2 Tbsp. I did not notice anything until this morning. I am 60 years old. and the last year I have had trouble waking up and I feel fuzzy. This morning before I even opened my eyes (5am) I knew something was different. My head was clear and balanced and I could have jumped right out of bed but I lie there a while just enjoying it. Ruth

I have been using coconut oil for our whole family and no other oils for the past several months! I no longer have cravings for sugar and I have lots of energy. Susan

I have been consuming coconut oil for about 6 weeks and have lost about 5 pounds. I have noticed an increase in energy. I had low metabolism since I was a teen. I am now 76 years old and walk for an hour three times a week and the day before yesterday I felt so good that I walked for two hours and felt good. Sally

I started taking coconut oil faithfully six weeks ago. I am up to 2 ounces a day and I am experiencing fabulous results. I feel great and have much more energy. I am a massage therapist and have a very busy practice. I have been tired and burned out for years, but still I plugged away and satisfied my customers. I have not felt tired for weeks now. Bruce

I started using coconut oil three weeks ago and immediately my energy level (which was quite low from my hypothyroidism) increased by approximately 600 percent. Wow! I feel 10 years younger! Noah

Weight loss:

One of the best things is that I am no longer getting the "I'll kill if I don't eat something NOW" hypoglycemic hunger hurricanes. I got on the scales this morning and was delighted to discover I had dropped 6 pounds! This is exciting. Alice

When I started I weighed 316 and wore a size 52 pants. When I got on the scale this morning I weighed 256 for a total loss thus far of 60 pounds and I'm in 44's now...People that I work with intermittently comment on how much energy I have now. My 20-year-old son is doing this with me and has gone from 203 to 177 in three months. I don't count calories and in fact I think at any intake less than 2500-3000 I' loose weight. I do figure out the calories every couple of weeks just to make sure I don' slip below 2000 a day. And I have a tendency to do that because I am never hungry anymore. With the fat intake at this level I am usually satiated for nine hours or so and find it very easy to inadvertently skip a meal if I get busy. Chuck

Over the last 20 years I have been steadily and gradually gaining weight. You couldn't call me fat --- but there I was, just too wobbly in all the wrong places. This year I decided to do something about it -- finally. I went on a fruit diet. Nothing happened. I tried the cabbage soup diet (without the meat). Nothing happened. I fasted for a week. NOTHING HAPPENED! That was when this book (Eat Fat, Look Thin by Bruce Fife) came into my hands -- a godsend. I stopped fasting and began eating food again, but using coconut oil After a few days I weighed myself -- I had lost 5 pounds! Since then I have lost a total of 24 pounds, and still losing steadily at about a pound a week, enjoying full meals. Sharon

Low thyroid:

It's only been about three months since I've begun using coconut oil. My skin is like a newborn babe's. My face is lovely and rosy. The bottoms of my feet are like a teenager's (I don't rub it in, I merely ingest it). For the first time in 53 plus years I am WARM as long as I use the coconut oil. And I've lost 11 pounds. My hair is beautiful! As far as I'm, concerned virgin coconut oil is my miracle food. Linda

I bought some coconut oil for the health benefits, and started it today, as soon as I got it. My temperature (taken as experiment to see if the oil did raise it) the last few days has been 97.2 to 97.6 and after taking the oil it rose to 98.8 and 98.3 later on in the day. Have to admit this really surprised me, despite having read of it, and I'm really looking forward to seeing if it stays up and how else it affects me. Carole

I have the autoimmune version of hypothyroidism and I now have lots more energy after using coconut oil for several weeks, which cannot be said for anything else I have tried. To me it is a blessing. Suzanne

Since I started taking the coconut oil my temperature has come up and pretty much stayed in the 98.7 range! And, it's only been 2 weeks ... I have more energy and feel like myself again! Rachel

Arthritis, Insomnia, and Irritability: During the past several months, I have been experiencing severe insomnia. I do not believe in taking drugs to assist in sleeping, but it had gotten so bad that I got a prescription from my doctor. On using the prescription (and I have only tried this a couple of times) I was still only able to increase my nights sleep from about two hours to about four and after taking the sleeping pills I felt so much worse the next day that I had abandoned that as a solution to my problem. I have noticed that since using the coconut I am now getting a full eight hours sleep.

also, the pain in my hands, vertebrae, and knees from arthritis have almost completely disappeared. I still have the occasional twinges in the knuckle in the little finger on my right hand, but I suspect that is because it is calcified.

I almost feel foolish writing this, because I cannot quite believe that I have been the beneficiary of such incredible improvement from all my ails, just from consuming coconut milk and oil. I keep expecting the problems to return. Another benefit is that I have lost the chronic irritability that I have had for so long that I was beginning to think that I have had a personality change. I can only attribute all of these things to the coconut oil and milk as nothing else about my life has changed. Rhea

I must say I noticed a GREAT change in arthritis symptoms. I had some swelling and discomfort in one of my knees for approximately 3 months prior to starting the daily consumption of virgin coconut oil. When I heard about the virgin coconut oil, I purchased some and rubbed it around the knee area where the swelling was; my knee immediately stopped hurting and the swelling has gone away. I've not even had an inkling of the symptoms of pain in my knee since taking the oil. Chris

Candida: I am a walking testimonial to the benefits of a low carbohydrate/high fat diet with regard to candida and cystitis. I used to purchase Monistat two or three packages at a time. Now I use lots of coconut oil for cooking and eat plenty of coconut products such as fresh coconut, coconut flakes, and coconut milk. Coconut contains capric/caprylic acid and lauric acid both proven to kill candida while leaving healthy intestinal flora intact.

I was taking a long-term, broad-spectrum antibiotic for chronic cystitis for over two years and now, it's been two years since I stopped refilling the prescription with no recurrence! Laura

I started using coconut oil and within a couple of months it enabled me to finally rid my body of candidiasis and alleviated my hypoglycemia symptoms. It also made my sugar cravings disappear enabling me to continue to be without the overgrowth of yeast in my body. I feel better than I have all my life. Ramesh

Infections: I have had a huge improvement in my sinus and chronic ear infections. I put some in my nose everyday and in my ears. I only take one Tbsp a day at this point. I normally have three to four sinus infections a year and 5-7 ear infections a year. For the past 6 months of taking virgin coconut oil I have had NONE, even with swimming! Lori

I have Hepatitis C and after taking virgin coconut oil for 6 months and then had my viral load checked it was so low it was almost undetectable. Coincidence? I doubt it. Nancy

Because of the nature of my job, I come into contact with a large number of sick people. This is especially true during the cold and flu season. Since I started using coconut oil regularly about two years ago I noticed a drastic decline in the frequency and intensity of the common cold and the flu in myself. If I do happen to find myself infected with the flu virus I take one Tbsp of coconut oil every 3 hours until symptoms are gone. I have done this several times. The longest it took was 32 hours and shortest was 12 hours. Joe

Detoxification: I'm a nurse with a natural alternative wellness center in Missouri. I use virgin coconut oil as a foundational product for all of my clients. It is one of the most powerful supplements I have ever worked with (I have been in the healing arts for 30 years and natural approaches for 20 years) and I find it works great for all blood types and body types.

My only caution is that it is very powerful and has the ability to detoxify your body quickly. A few of my clients have had to start out on a teaspoon and work up, due to the detoxification response being more intense than they wanted to experience.

Most people I work with are able to use 3-4 Tbsp per day from the start with amazing results in improved immune system, energy level, stabilized blood sugar, improved thyroid function, weight loss, more mental clarity and improved emotional/mental stability. In addition to being a wonderful supplement, it is a basic food, which should replace all other oils that one has been cooking with. I don't know of any other product that covers so many bases -- and it tastes great too! Marie p

We will continue with more testimonials with hormone balance, fibromyalgia, cholesterol and more in our next post. So stay tuned!

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