Feathers Of All Colors!!

Feathers of all colors! I want to share pictures of my chickens and guineas which is where the feathers come from that I sell in my Etsy shop, Renewed Resources. We have 3 acres and over 20 chickens and 5 guineas.

The chickens and Guineas pretty much have free range over the whole 3 acres. When I got my first 4 chickens about 3 years ago their wings had been clipped and they stayed in my one acre yard fenced area close to the house.

Guess what? Their wings grew back! Now I have a variety of 20 chickens. Araucanas, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Bantams, Silkies, Ameracanca, and some I do not even know the name of! They pretty much stay within the fenced one acre area but occasionally one or two will fly over the fence and follow the Guinea birds.

Guinea birds are really a lot of fun to watch! They always hang together and eat all kinds of bugs, worms, mosquitoes, flies, and they will attack and run off snakes. I especially like that! The oldest male is the leader of flock. Right at dusk he will fly up into one our big oak trees and all the others follow and that is where they sleep at night. They are great 'watch dogs' because when an animal or person that is unfamiliar comes into our yard or near the house they squall to let us know there is an intruder!
My granddaughters and I collect the feathers from all over our acreage and then I clean them in warm water with borax and air dry them.

I take special orders if you want a certain number, size, or color or combination of colors. Please visit my Etsy shop for all your feather needs.


Vyeshi said...

Do you still need supply shops to link to? I have a new one that i'm adding to.
Hope this was the right place to leave this.
Awesome blog.

Uneekdolldesigns said...

I so enjoyed reading this and looking at the picture! Thank you for sharing!