Featured Etsy Shops At Neatostuff

Visit Neatostuff to keep track of the featured Etsy shops for this week and upcoming weeks!

Here are the featured sites for the week of November 17th;

Monday- www.zeba.etsy.com

Tuesday- www.renewedresources.etsy.com

Wednesday- www.shupg.etsy.com

Thursday- www.littlepinkplum.etsy.com

Friday- www.moodygurl.etsy.com

Saturday- www.greencard.etsy.com

Sunday- www.craftpudding.etsy.com

Thanks to Amy for all her hard work to put this together! I know I appreciate being featured this week! Take a moment to visit each shop as I am sure you will find something you did not know was there!


Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

Hi there, thanks for looking at my blog. I am not sure what your message meant. Perhaps you could contact me through my etsy shop.


Grandma Betty said...

Done. Having fun yet? lol