Feathers as Embellishments

Isn't this a beautiful way to embellish a wedding or special gift? Cindy decorated these boxes and you can visit her at her blog, Quaint Handmade, to see lots of wonderful things she has decorated.

Cindy says: "I love to decorate, garden and make things. I started out with the intention of posting photos of only the things I made, but have added our home as it is forever evolving and our travels. Doing so has caused me work on my photography, which is something I really love to do. I'm still learning..."

Also check out my post on December 4th for embellishments for the hair by MarlaJDesigns.

Thanks to Cindy for letting folks know that she got her feathers from Renewed Resources.

Renewed Resources offers guinea and chicken feathers that have been gathered from our 3 acres where the fowl free range. The feathers are gently cleaned with borax and air dried.

We also recently opened a shop on Artfire, called Homespun Alley, and may eventually move all our items to Artfire since it only cost $7 a month with no other fees for listing or selling. It is a good time to join as the $7 a month for life will not last long. It is still in Beta but they have been very quick to help with any questions Ihave had.