Thanks to Advertisers

I sure do appreciate all my advertisers continuing to sponsor my blog while I was down and out!

Seems like weeks and weeks since I have felt good. And today I finally do! Yeah, thank you God! I even got outside and watched my grandkids fly a kite with their Dad on this beautiful windy day.

Their Mom let them help her make cookies and we are eagerly waiting for them to cool down! Chocolate chip cookies help heal the soul if not the body!

I have been following the news reports about the continuing corruption by our "elected" officers across this great land and can not understand why they keep getting re-elected. When are the American people going to stand up and fight back!

Then there's the spreading and teaching of hate - setting fire to a Church because Sarah Palin attends it -- just despicable. They did this why? Because they don't like Republicans? Christians? What?

The word hate was not allowed to be used in my home when my kids were young. They were allowed to disagree with me or someone else but they were taught that you don't hate someone because you disagree with them.

Today it has become an everyday word used on every newscast, entertainment show and series.

God gave us freedom of will for us to choose to love Him or not, but He doesn't hate anyone who chooses not to. This great country was built by Christians and founded on freedom for all Americans.

So I would like to invite all the hate mongers who want to change America to pack up and move on and leave us alone. This is our land and we will fight for it!

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