Call for Help - Projects for 2009

Finally back! Did anyone miss me? lol

I have had teeth pulled and getting new dentures so I am in and out, up and down right now. Hasn't been a fun experience. All you younger folks please brush and floss a lot so you don't have to go through this. Not that doing these things helps if you have bone loss and the teeth just get loose, which is partly what happened to me.

My project list and goals for the year are getting longer and longer! Hopefully, I can get organized enough to prioritize and get going on the all the ideas I have going on in my head.

1. I need to find someone to help me learn to use the CraftRobo I bought last year! If you know of any sources of tutorials or instructions please pass them on to me. I want to make boxes of my own design and cut them on the CraftRobo.

2. I own this wonderful sewing embroidery machine, Designer I Viking. I have all the software programs and need help getting my own designs onto disk (floppies) so I can load them into the machine to embroidery. Know any experts? If so, please let me know. I am certainly willing to pay for classes. It does really beautiful embroidery but I can't resell them because of copyright laws, so I want to make my own designs.

3. Reworking my website. I have started this project about 15 times last year and ending up dumping all and starting again. I did get my banner designed by Sheila and you can see it at my Artfire shop, Homespun Alley. Now to get all the pages done on the website. Don't hold your breathe!

4. My daughter and her husband tried and tried to have children and finally adopted four, all from one family last year and then she got pregnant! I really want to go up to see them!

5. Get more pictures taken of all the items I want to list! You just would not believe all the things I could list if I just had pictures of them! Enough to fill several shops for sure!

6. Finding a good free slideshow that is easy to download to my website. Tried several but so far they look yucky, some had their ads on them and didn't tell me this would happen until after I had made them and downloaded. What a waste of time. Know of any good free programs without ads?

7. Get all the postage cost changed on Etsy and Artfire starting January 18th, which is tomorrow! Priority mail goes to $4.95, not sure what First Class will be.

This is just some of the projects in mind for 2009.

I also want to remind everyone of my supply source list on the right and request you submit any sites you would like to see on the list.

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Marbled Nails said...

Sorry about your teeth! Ouch!

If you bought your machine from a Viking Dealer, they should offer classes. I used to sell machines and teach the software classes, and that is a perk they usually offer. The Designer one is pretty straight forward, though the digitizer can get tricky. there is a book called "You CAN Digitize" that I have had students rave about. I have never been much of a digitizer, but one of my former students does it a lot. There are a lot of PDF manuals ont he disks, and I highlly recommend the projects in the book.

I hope this helps! The Designer 1 looks very intimidating, but is pretty straight forward. Good luck!