CPSIA - Demand List of Recalls for US Manufacturers

As everyone probably knows CPSC has granted a one year stay for testing and certification of certain products.

This will give us all more time to bombard our representatives and congress people with letters, emails, and calls stating the ludicrousness of the CPSIA bill.

I have done some preliminary research on the recalls just for 2008 and can not find any United States manufacturing company that had recalls for lead or phthalates. But there are 100's for China and other foreign countries. I have requested that CPSC supply a list for any and all recalls of products from US manufacturers in 2008 and a list of recalls for foreign manufacturers so we can compare them.

I truly believe that the CPSIA bill is simply to make US citizens pay for the testing for foreign country's products to come into the US.

I ask everyone to please contact your congress people and representatives and request a side by side list so it is obvious to everyone who looks at it that US manufacturers are not the problem.

The real problem is the trade agreements that our government has formed with foreign countries that give the advance to them. Our government needs to focus on how to regulate what comes into the US from foreign countries not what is made here in the US.

I will be continuing this series on the CPSIA bill and discussing the type of products that may contain lead and phthalates.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions from my readers about how to get our government to do the right thing for this wonderful country and its citizens. To get them to stop taking away more freedoms and to stop regulating us to death!


TiLT said...

I will be following to see what you find...I was wondering just how many problems were already known in the US - figured most of this was simply because of overseas.

Eva said...

Just a test.