Free Advertising!

I had my first sell on Artfire today! Yeah!

To show my appreciation to the buyer I offered free advertising here on my blog for one month!

I like this idea so much I want to offer it to others who purchase there!

The way it will work is:

If you purchase any item from my Artfire shop, Homespun Alley, I will give you free advertising space (same size as Project Wonderful ads, 125x125) for one week for your shop or blog.

It can be any shop: Etsy, Artfire, a website, or other selling venue or your blog.

If you would rather I do a featured seller/shop post then that would be an option for you instead of the ad.

I want to close my Etsy shops as soon as most of the items sell or expire. For now my feathers (guinea, chicken) will be available only on my Artfire shop except for the few left in my Etsy shop and when they expire or sell, I will relist only on Artfire.

I have found that views are really down on Etsy even with my advertising on blogs and websites and sales are not as good as the past so will be switching over to Artfire sometime this year. I am a lifetime member there so it will cost me less then on Etsy.

I am getting more items listed on Homespun Alley and will continue to promote it more.

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On a Whimsey said...

Congratulations!!! I am on artfire but have yet to experience a sale!