OWOH Winners - Drum Roll Please!

We had over 200 comments! Thanks to all!

Winners are as follows:

1. Ellen - 10 Heart Shaped Body Butters

2. Noelle - Lil' Bits and Pieces of Me - Two Craft patterns

3. SuseADoodle - Two Craft patterns

4. Lisa - Twinville2 - 10 Heart Shaped Body Butters

5. Donna - sodapop - Dschrader - 10 Heart Shaped Body Butters

6. Terrielee - 10 Heart Shaped Body Butters

7. Connie - Stampgram - 10 Heart Shaped Body Butters

Everyone needs to send me their full name and address.

Craft Pattern winners: #2 is the first name picked so she will need to pick two patterns and then #3 will get the other two patterns.

Body Butter winners need to pick their favorite scent (only one scent please). Will try to get them all made fresh this weekend and mailed on Monday if I have your information.

Please visit my website for Body Butters: Lee's Candles

or my Artfire shop: Homespun Alley

God bless and thanks for participating. See you all next year!


*Noelle* said...

hello! i am so excited that I won 1st place- the craft patterns. i'm getting ready to email you!!

♥ noelle

Caroline said...

Congrats to the winners!

Latharia said...

Congratulations, Winners!

Terrielee said...

Hello! Hello! :)
I'm so excited that I won the Body Butter Bars! I just received them in the mail and they are *wonderful*! I chose the lilac scent - a much needed harbinger of Spring! Lovely!
Thank You so much!!!
Terrielee :)