Lace, Doily, Crochet & Tatting Transparencies

I am working on making lace and trims, doily, both crocheted and tatted transparencies.

I scan a picture and print it. Then I place the printed sheet between laminate sheets, run the sheet through the laminate machine and let it cool for a while.

I then, very carefully, peel the sheets apart. What I get is one sheet of transparency, which has to be cleaned on the back to remove any loose paper that did not peel off; and one sheet of what I call 'leftovers', which is one sheet of laminate on the back with textured paper that has a faint picture of the image! It is hard to describe so I have included a picture below.

And of course you can not "see" the texture of the sheet but it is there. I have given some of these textured images away to get feedback and received some wonderful ideas for usage in collages, mixed media, embellishments, etc. So I have decided to sell these as well as the transparencies and will try to get some listed this week on my Artfire shop: Homespun Alley.

But I will continue to include a free "leftover" sheet with each order of any transparency!

Crafting is so much fun! Just wish I had about 6 more hours in each day!

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