Finally Got the Upgrade to UVerse!

Spent the morning without email, telephone, or TV while ATandT (isn't this dumb - Blogger will not let me put in a symbol!) installed U-verse. U-Verse is the complete package for all of the above which will save us about $20 a month. I like the savings but will have to see how it all works before I truly can state that this is a good service.

ATandT has not impressed me in past years but I understand they were bought out by Southwestern Bell so maybe it has improved. We will see.

I feel sure I will like the the U-verse TV package better then Direct TV. We were having problems with the Tivos that Direct TV provided. One would stop working, they would send us another one and it was so obviously cheaper made and didn't have the features the original ones had yet the monthly fees kept going up! Plus we will get a lot more Movie channels with U-Verse. I really like movies!

With U-Verse you have a main box at one TV and you setup all recordings from there and then you can watch anything recorded on any other TV in the house! I like that feature, too.

They also claim you never go down except when the electricity goes off, which doesn't happen very often where we live. But with Direct TV, which is cable, we would lose the signal often if there was high winds or rain.

It only took Rudy from ATandT about 2 hours and he was very friendly and helpful and appeared to know what he was doing!

At least I can now get back to posting more often and checking email, working on my Artfire shop and website, plus Entrecard, Twitter, etc.

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Matt said...

We got U-Verse back in February. It definitely was NOT a quick install, but the installer did a great job, and once we got it up and running, it's been great. It took several hours before the AT&T system was able to "provision" our Internet connection.

I *love* the multi-room DVR functionality. And the U-Verse DVR in general is a lot better than the Comcast one we had previously. It's not as good as TiVo (I got a TiVo in 1999 and had to give it up in 2005 when I got an HDTV), but it's still pretty awesome.

There are still some bugs and annoyances, but overall, I like it. And the picture quality in HD is better, in my opinion, than Comcast.