Newest Grandson!

Mitchell Samuel -- Isn't he adorable? This was taken at the hospital and there are lots more but haven't gotten copies yet.

Mom and Dad are haven't a rough time with Mitchell not eating good. He lost one pound before he left the hospital and they had to take him back in two days later because he got dehydrated. Of course my daughter was so worried she was a "bad mother". Both parents are in their forties and this is their first natural born (they adopted 4 others just last year, then she got pregnant).

They really have their hands full and I am truly sad that I can not afford to drive up to Ohio from Texas to be with them. I have had some medical issues myself this year and am waiting for my new dentures.

Life can be tough sometimes but I keep encouraging them to stop worrying already they will get the hang of raising a new one. He is really healthy and strong and will get over this soon.

We thank God for this beautiful bundle of new life! More pics when I get them!


*Noelle* said...

hi! what a sweet baby boy:)


Pete Morse said...

What a beautiful baby, congratulations, Grandma Betty!!

Audrey said...

Babies are just so cute!! I wanted to nurse our youngest too. He kept falling asleep while nursing and didn't gain any weight the first 2 weeks. We tried everything to keep him awake, but it just didn't work. Put him on the bottle - by the time he was 1 year old he weighed 32 lbs. Every child is different! They must be very busy.

Caroline said...

Congrats! :)