Pierre's Traveling Journal by Lady Artisan

Pierre is a traveling doll from ADO Traveling Doll Project. He travels from doll artist to doll artist and at each stop the artist must add something to the traveling doll before shipping it to the next artist.

When Lady Artisan received Pierre he was clothed, wigged, painted, and fully sculpted. What to do to add to this character was the big question!

Lady Artisan, Eva Buchala, decided he needed a walking cane and a journal for taking notes of his travels. Here are pictures of the journal being made:

To see Pierre with his journal and his walking cane visit The Elusive Muse. There you will also see more details on the making of the cane and journal.

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April said...

What a wonderful little Journal for Pierre. :D It looks like something my daughter would make for her Barbies.