Setting the Record Straight

Apparently some folks think I have a problem with President Obama because he is black. Wrong -

What I have a problem with is folks that are not willing to discuss openly the issues facing this wonderful country. Folks who will not try to education themselves, or just want a handout from the government or just want to turn this country into a third world.

Folks like Al Gore that say "Discussion is over" concerning global warming when over 70% of the people do not believe in global warming and he (Al Gore) stands to make billions from from Cap and Trade which will not solve the pollution problems because countries like China, India and Mexico will not participate anyway. Cap and trade will allow the polluters to "buy" credits when they over pollute. There is no common sense in this bill.

Folks like those in Congress that lie. They continue to pass bills that are not read and we can not afford to enforce. They passed a bill to build a fence on the Mexican border, they even funded part of it but no fence. No common sense here either.

Bush, Obama, and Congress has given billions to companies like Goldman Saks, Aig, and many more that did not even pay taxes in 2008 and are today making billions of dollars. No common sense here.

Obama says only those who make over $250,000 a year will see higher taxes. So why did Goldman Saks not pay any taxes in 2008 and will they pay any this year? Cap and trade will allow the government to tax those who want to drive a truck or SUV and will open the door for the government to tell us what temperature to set our thermostats at. Do you want them to direct your entire lifestyle? This is not common sense to me.

Bush signed a bill last year that will demand we replace all our light bulbs by 2012 with GE's mercury bulbs (which are made in China) and extremely hazardous to one's health - just read the paperwork inside the box, seems they do not have to even put a warning label on the outside where most people would see it. Yet congress in the pass stopped the manufacture of thermometers with mercury. Where is the common sense?

I can not go to the store today and buy fresh raw cow's milk with 4" of cream on top because the government has decided it isn't good for me. I have to drive to one of the few "government approved dairies" to get my raw milk. My parents and grandparents and great grandparents all drank raw milk and all lived to very ripe old ages. Again no common sense.

As for government health care - God help us if that passes! People need to do their research on this issue big time. The claim is there is over 45 million without health insurance. Here is what Lou Dobbs of CNN had to say in June 2009:

To be exact, 45.7 million is the number of people who told the Census Bureau that they do not have insurance, or did not at least at some point in 2007. The number was down from 47 million the year before.

But here is what, as best we can judge, what that number includes: 12 million people who are eligible for public health insurance program, including Medicaid or SCHIP, or for whatever reason don't participate. And among the estimated 10 million non-citizens who lack health insurance, an estimated 7 million illegal aliens as well. And some 7 million uninsured individuals, many of them young adults who earn at least $40,000 a year, and who may have chosen to not take health insurance because they thought they didn't need it. Keep in mind, that the number, 46 million, refers to the number of people who say they've gone without health insurance at some point during the past year, when asked by the Census Bureau, not necessarily the entire year. That figure, according to the Congressional Budget Office, is closer to 20 million to 30 million.

And the number actually, without insurance, but in need of health care insurance, arguably, 10 million. So let's slow down, look at the FACTS, and try to reform health care the way it should be: based on Truth and Fact. This is common sense.

I had a 5 hour outpatient surgery last year and it cost me over $11,000 and my insurance paid very little of that, so I will be paying this off for a long time and I still do not want national health care. I am responsible for me and my loved ones, I work heartily unto the Lord and do not want or expect the government to give me handouts or to tell me how to live my life.

Please, please, please, study, read, and be willing to openly discuss the issues instead of just saying disrespectful things to others because they have a different opinion. This freedom of speech is why this country is so great and if that is stopped we will no longer have a free country.


Pricilla said...

The reason you cannot buy your raw milk has little to do with the government per se and lots to do with the large dairy lobby. They pay to lobby congress to pass laws for your "safety" because they do not want the competition. Also because somewhere along the line someone drank some raw milk, got sick and sued.

It's the same with any small time producer of food. The large food conglomerates all lobby congress. Pay large amounts of money into the re-election pots and therefore buy the laws they need. So you have to purchase their products.

It goes back to everyone seems to hate congress as a body but loves their own representatives so nothing changes.

Betty said...

You are absolutely right about the lobbyist for large conglomerates and the sad truth is our representatives and senators take the bribes yet somehow stay in office even when we know who they are.

Reg Fife said...

Exactly. And it still comes down to government deciding how we live our lives. If the bailouts are any indication, socialism will put businesses more in bed with government, not less.