US Constitution Watchdog

Glenn Beck has inspired us again! Join us and become a US Constitution Watchdog.

Pick a topic you are really concerned about and become a watchdog to help protect our US Constitution.

Such as Cap and Trade (Cap & Tax), Federal Healthcare, FDA, USDA, Federal Reserve, Senators, Representatives, Czars, Homeland Security, - the list is endless!

You will find a link on Glenn Beck's site where you can report what you have learned about your topic. Scroll down and on the right side you will find his US Constitution Watchdog logo, click "Alert Glenn".

Please continue to keep Glenn and his family in your prayers as well as all the folks who are willing to stand up and be heard to restore our US Constitution and freedoms.

We must all stay vigilant and keep track of what our Senators and Representatives are doing in our districts so we can support the ones willing to work for us and oust the self-serving ones.

When they are on recess and giving speeches please attend and ask them the hard questions!

There is hope if we stand together and support each other!

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