Steampunk Journal - Temporal Displacement Book

Lady Artisan has just listed her newest journal and it is awesomely beautiful!

She calls it the Temporal Displacement Book and here is the story behind a TDB and TDU.

"Originally produced by a small, unknown manufacturer in southern Illinois called Stughmeier & Sons, this Temporal Displacement Book (TDB) is only one of seven TDB's purchased from the company between 1842 and 1845. The day following the sale of the seventh TDB, the whole factory completely disappeared without a trace.

Each book was purchased by a separate individual in a private sales meeting made available by invitation only. The buyers were all chosen carefully for their adventurous spirits, interest in the unusual and fantastical, and, of course, for their obscene wealth.

This particular TDB that's currently for sale is believed to be the first one made. It was purchased by Maximillian von Zeit, a close friend of the company owner, in June of 1842. Although von Zeit disappeared in the Fall of 1842, this book was recovered from his family's estate earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the Time Displacement Unit (TDU) built into the book, is not currently functioning. But a resourceful individual may be able to restore it to working order. Seller is NOT responsible for personal, temporal or financial damage that may be caused by tampering with the TDU without sufficient knowledge or understanding of its workings.

Whether the TDU works or not, this is an excellent book to use as a personal or art journal. Apparently von Zeit used his TDB regularly to go back to 1842 and "erase" his journal entries, leaving plenty of space for someone else to chronicle their own adventures. Although his only living descendant, Joshua von Zeit, believes that it's more likely his great-great-great-grandfather Maximillian actually went back to 1842 and stole a second book.

At the present time, the locations of the other six (seven?) TDB's are unknown."

The journal is made with leather on the covers, handmade copper wire hinges over copper tubing attached with rivets to the covers and spine. The clockwork sections were designed and carefully placed to look as functional as possible. The text block was sewn onto copper mesh using linen thread in an "X" and dash design. The book will lay completely flat when open but there are a number of protruding parts on the covers to be mindful of.

This book measures 5" x 3.25" and is filled with a combination of Canson Mi Teintes and Fabriano Tiziano pastel papers, excellent for a variety of art media or just for pen and pencil. There are 192 pages (96 leaves).

You are invited to view how she put all this together on her blog: The Elusive Muse

Of course if you want to buy it visit her Etsy shop: Lady Artisan


Buggys said...

This is a fascinating story. What a fun piece to own.

PrintingHost said...

This is amazing book.. Never sen before