Catching Up

Wow, I can't believe it has been just over a week since I posted! Forgive me, forgive me, all my Entrecard dropping friends, artists and crafters, Twitter friends and many others.

No excuses, except, busy, busy, busy! Seems all kinds of things come up all in the same week, then you have a week with nothing! Life is so much fun, frustrating or just interesting -- never know what is around the corner!

I did sell my first Constitution Journal Jar set with the hand sewn journal with leather on the edge. Got another Constitution Journal Jar set listed today on my Artfire shop Homespun Alley. This one has a hand sewn journal with an American flag on the front. Each set will have a special keepsake "one of a kind" journal.

Glenn Beck was the inspiration for the Constitution Journal Jar sets with his encouragement to learn and teach about our history and understand our Constitution so we know what our Founding Fathers accomplished in order to establish our democratic republic.

I am also working on some Valentine matchbook notepads for carrying in your purse and hope to get some listed before Monday.

And of course my Lee's Candles and Grandma Betty's Body Butters keep me busy in between all the other things I want to do!

There are some wonderful Valentine gift sets of body and lip butters at Grandma Betty's.

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