Matchbook Notepads Refillable

Matchbook Notepads that are refillable. You can refill them yourself or order refills.

These are my newest listings on Homespun Alley.

They are made from very strong wallpapers and removable metal brads are used so they can be easily refilled.

They are ideal for carrying in your purse for those quick notes, getting someone's phone number or giving someone your number. I will hear about something on the radio like a website I want to checkout and use them to write down the address.

They make a wonderful gift to your friends and family.

These are made from embossed wallpaper and are very elegant looking. They make wonderful gifts for a wedding, as I can color coordinator with your wedding colors. Give to every person involved in planning and helping with the wedding. Be sure and keep some for yourself!

Keep checking back as I will be adding many different colors beside the embossed white or patriotic. I want to do some with springtime flowers and floral designs.

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onelovelygurl05 said...

These are super cute and an ideal size for my tiny purses!