Muslin Ribbon and String Stamped and Dyed

These are my latest handiwork and what fun it is to make them!

The muslin ribbon is made from 100% cotton muslin and torn in two yards lengths approximately 1 and 7/8 inches wide. I then stitched a straight line of thread down each side to keep them from fraying, though some fraying gives them a vintage look. They are ironed to set the colors and that keeps the color from rubbing off.

On some ribbons I have added a narrow lace down each side which is really pretty and gives them a Victorian look.
The muslin string is approximately 1/4 inch wide and colored with fabric dyes, then ironed and the color is set permanently.

Fun for wrapping a special gift or using as an embellishment, for collage or mixed media. Makes a great gift for that crafty friend.

Because they are so light weight I pay the first class shipping cost within the US for these items in my shop on Artfire: Homespun Alley

Email for overseas shipping cost, shouldn't be much first class.

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Jingle said...

These are so fabulous! It all looks so ... touchable! LOL!