New Blog Added to My List - The Healthy Home Economist

I recently subscribed to a new blog called the Healthy Home Economist and highly recommend you checkout this wonderful blog by Sarah.

She has two videos on how to make your own cereal with complete instructions and recipe.  It is really easy to make and you can vary the ingredients to suit your family's taste.

As Sarah says:

"Boxed breakfast cereals are some of the most toxic, unhealthy foods you can possibly buy at the grocery store.   Believe it or not, organic brands are the absolute worst!  

The reason is that the violent processing required to make boxed cereal (called extrusion) is so high in temperature and pressure that the proteins in the grains are completely denatured and rendered toxic from the ordeal.   Organic boxed cereal is the most toxic of all because it is whole grain and therefore higher in protein!   

Toxic foods are frequently the most additive (think MSG and aspartame/nutrasweet), so even though it is difficult, you simply must eliminate these foods from your pantry for good! "

Sarah offers free healthy cooking classes online and has new video every week.

I am really excited to start trying out the many recipes that she offers and start getting rid of all the toxic foods from the grocery stores!

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