Free Cooking Classes by The Healthy Home Economist

We can all (at least most of us) can prepare meals for ourselves and families with the processed "foods" from our local grocery stores.  Open a can of chili, heat and pour over corn chips!  Not nutritious but certainly easy.

How would you like to learn to truly cook healthy easy meals for yourself and family?  Meals that actually give nutrients to your body, instead of non-decomposing matter that  makes your body sick.

Well here is your change to try your hand at easy healthy recipes for free! 

The Healthy Home Economist offers the following free cooking classes on her blog:


I personally have made a lot of these recipes and they are truly wonderful!

I was so amazed to find out how easy it is to make your own mayo!  No soybean oil, no chemical additives, no dyes!

I am still working through her classes as she puts up a new one each week. 

Check them out, surely there is one that will bless you! 

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