Higher Prices at the Stores!

I keep hearing from our government that there is no inflation but every time I go to a store the prices are higher.

I watch Glenn Beck regularly and he had different folks with economy backgrounds sharing how corn, oil and cotton is skyrocketing.  Do you know how many things are made with corn and cotton?  

There are over 4000 items made with corn or corn by-products in them. Higher cotton prices will increase the cost of our clothing and fabrics, threads and numerous other products.  Higher oil will effect our gasoline and heating oil.

I order fabric wholesale for some of my items and recently got a letter from my supplier that the prices are going up.  That means I have to eat the increase or pass part of the cost to my customers.  Not a happy thought!

Glenn suggested that people start buying extra food stuff in case of an emergency.  That is a wonderful idea if you have the extra money.  Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury, especially with the holidays here already and seven grandchildren to bless at Christmas!

But, I do agree with Glenn that it is what people need to do if they can find the money to purchase extra food stuff.

He shared a story how he had heard that the average person has $25,000 worth of 'stuff' around the house, stored in boxes in garages and closets and items around the house that they never use or use very little.  So he and his wife went around the house and found numerous 'stuff' they did not use and decided to sell those items.  He even said he would be putting the 'stuff' up on Upillar (Upillar is a site where you can list items for free, like Craig's List without the porn.  I have used the site and it is a good site.) next week.

So I decided that I am going to do the same thing and list my 'stuff' that is laying around that I do not use or use very little to see if I can get some extra cash for stocking up.

Glenn has a TV show on Fox News at 5pm EST everyday and discusses what is happening in our country today and what you can do to help bring about changes you want in your life.

Here is a link to The Healthy Home Economist - article about the war being waged against the small farms of America by the Executive Branch of the US Government, specifically the USDA and the FDA.    

This just another reason our cost of food will skysrocket!  


Lauren said...

I just watched a movie I got at the library called "Food, inc.". Worth watching...talks about all the items we use that is made from corn...along with alot of other interesting info.

Betty said...

I haven't seen it but they do have a website where you can see where it is playing and how to get copies.

I belong to several groups that promote the film.

Thanks for sharing, as I had forgotten about it!

Lauren said...

Also, I forgot they list a website to check out at the end of the movie...I just looked at it real fast but it does have a clip from the movie.