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suslyd said...

I personally LOVE being in this guild. I LOVE Texas, I'm a first born Texan in my family from KY! I love seeing other artisnal works from Texas artists.

suslyd said...

Antique Silver Filigree Squares with faceted Amethyst Briolettes Choker


12 35mm Antique Silver Plate over Brass Filigree Squares
14 5x7mm Amethyst vertical-drilled briolettes
1 6x11mm Amethyst vertical-drilled briolette
39 4mm 20g open jump rings
18" silk ribbon - light purple
10" antique silver-plate chain
1 antique silver-plate hook and eye clasp or clasp of your choice
15 SS Ball head pins
Fabric glue

On all vertical-drilled briolettes, use SS ball head pins and create wrapped loops at the top of all of them.

Attach each filigree square corner to corner with each 4mm jump rings until you have approximately 12 squares attached to one another.

Find the center of the necklace, connect the larger Amethyst briolette with another 4mm SS jumpring.

At every corner intersection, attach one of twelve of the smaller Amethyst briolettes, six to each side of the larger Amethyst briolette.

Take the light purple satin ribbon length, approximately 16-18" and weave it through the filigree squares. In through the left corner behind the square and up through the opposite corner of the filigree square. Tie the end of the ribbon to the first link in a 4-6" piece of antique silver chain, apply small drop of glue to hold the knot. Do same to opposite side with approx. 2-4" of same chain. Attach the hook of a hook and eye closure to the left side and the eye on the right side.

The size range on this necklace can go from choker to lovely longer necklace changing the many different types of necklines.

Jingle said...

This is fun! I love finding great tutorials!

Grace Matthews said...

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

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