Doctors (and their helpers) Don't Live in the Real World!

I have been to a new primary care doctor, a foot specialist, and an eye specialist this week alone.  Not the most fun way to start a New Year!

They live in another world and do not know how to think out of the 'box', and sometimes I thought "they do not know how to think period or just use common sense!"

They never read all the paperwork that you spend 30 minutes or more on in the waiting room filling out.  I know this because when they take you into the examining room the first thing they do is ask you the same questions that you just answered in the waiting room!  Then give you another form to fill out where you have to duplicate the information you already gave them.  

(One solution for me personally is take a sheet of pre-printed labels that have the basic information they want: name, address, phone #, age, and insurance card #'s.)

Have you seen some of the latest questions?  Here are some I refused to answer since I thought it was none of their business, nor did it have anything to do with my medical care.

     Do you own a gun?  This question was just below:  Are you happy in your relationship? 

     Do you travel?  When, how often, where do you go?  List all your hobbies.
     List all your chores during the day and state how long you spend doing them.
Needless to say I did not list all my hobbies or chores nor how long I spend on each.

The one good thing about their forms is that since they do not read them they do not realize you did not answer half of the questions.
They have no idea of the cost of prescriptions or whether your insurance will pay or not.  They do give you free sample of some products that were given to them by the pharmaceutical companies, but these products are always the most expensive drugs on the market.  You have to request generic not only with the doctor but at the pharmacy when you get there.

Their time is important, your time is worth nothing to them.  They schedule a patient every 15 minutes and when the doctor actually has someone who needs his attention for longer then he gets behind and you are left waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  

I waited over 2 hours to see the foot specialist (referred to by the clinic who said the x-ray showed a fracture) and he was paid over $200 to tell me that my foot was not fractured or broken and come back in 4 weeks.  (I won't be going back to him.)  Nor will I use that clinic again since they can not read x-rays.

It all sounds like conspiracy to me!   At the very least most of them make you feel like they are herding cattle through.

One of the appointments was actually a pleasant experience and the doctor actually spent 45 minutes with me!  Sorry for all you folks who were behind me and are still waiting!

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