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I am really late getting this posted today.  I had to go to the Blood Mobile to give blood.  The doctor tells me my body make too much blood, can you believe that?  So instead of doing the old fashioned "bleedletting"  she said go give blood!  So I did and it was some what of a nightmare!  Two hours they spent grilling me before taking 10 minutes to draw blood!  They were very concerned that I would bleed to death or have contaminated blood!

Have some fun and share tutorials or giveaways.  Doesn't have to be your tutortial just one you really like and think people will enjoy and learn something new.  Share any giveaway, doesn't have to be just handmade!

Hold All Rainbow Wallet

Enter your link below and share some fun!  Be sure and put the title of the tutorial in the box where it says Name.  Then add the link and please leave a comment.  Enjoy! 

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