Skating In Your Socks!

We have laminate floors in our hallways and living room, you know that slick stuff that is so fun to slide on while wearing socks!

Unfortunately, we have a step-down from one hallway into the living room and as I was sliding along I did not "break" quick enough and slid off the step-down, one foot taking all the 160 pounds and now my left foot looks like someone has been beating on it with rubber hose!

I am a Grandmother and should know better but with two grand daughters around slicking down the hall in their socks, it is hard not to take part in the "fun".

Now I have a 'moon boot' to wear for walking around!

This happened on Tuesday about two hours after another incident in which I tried to sit down on my sewing chair and low and behold the chair was NOT there!  One of my grand daughters was 'helping' me with a project and we had moved the chair over to a table so she could trace a pattern.  (Yes, I forgot the chair had been moved, it was not my grand daughters fault!)  I landed on my butt which is now very sore.

Can I start the new year over, please?

Quilted purse I recently finished

My grand daughter and I are working on a quilted backpack with a carousal horse in muti-colored fabrics and embrodiery on the front.  And that is in-between making her and her sister some skirts and tops for school.


Jingle said...

Yikes! That is a rough start! Your purse is gorgeous, though! I hope the rest of the year gets better and better!

Karen said...

Oh no! You might be trying to steal my nickname, clutzy! I hope it feels better quickly. I love the quilted purse. Very pretty. Karen