Handmade Fun Saturday

What are you working on this weekend?  

I have so many projects going not sure which one to work on today!  I moved my work studio from one room to another and now when I am looking for something I have to stop and try to remember, where did I put that?

Moving gives me more room to actually open my sewing machine up all the way and I can now walk all the way around it!  Yeah!  I also have room to leave my ironing board up for pressing pieces as I go.

Designing a doll carryall for daughters BJD - This is the next size up from the little pouch I made for her size 4 1/2" BJD

 I am also working on a "Cross" design for a purse

Still need to finish this one.  Needs lining inside and a zipper or other closure, haven't decided how I want to close it.

Join us and share what you are working on!   Leave a comment and link to your weekend project!  I love seeing what everyone is making!


RetroCollage said...

Working on a new collage and getting a new UPS set up.

Campbell Jane said...

Thank you for leaving a sweet note on my blog & invitation to yours. I will enjoy spending time here checking out your wonderful blog & getting to know you!
Create a great day!