"Moo" Business Card Holder

I love Moo business cards!  I made my first order about a month ago and was so excited when I got them!  I ordered the regular size and the mini cards and they are so beautiful!

I was carrying them in my wallet and passing out at every opportunity to show them off!

So while bumming around with my daughter at a Doll Show in a neighboring town I found this fabric with the word 'Moo" on it.  Black letters on a white background.  So my first thought was of course a Moo business card holder!

You can find these in my Artfire Studio, Homespun Alley.  I also have two 15% off coupons for first time buyers at Moo.  So if you purchase one of these lovelies and want to order cards from Moo (has to be first time buyers) then let me know and I will include a coupon with purchase.

I have some fabric left and am thinking maybe for the body of a stuffed sheep which I have been wanting to make...just to see if anyone notices!

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Lady Artisan said...

These are so cute! I love the "moo" fabric.