Group Buys - Real Food SA

Want to get better buys for health foods?  Join a Yahoo buying group.  Just sign in to your yahoo groups and do a search.

I belong to several groups that share health information and where to purchase the best products for the best price.  

I live in the San Antonio, Texas area and belong to a group called Real Food SA and we do group buys from all over the USA.

Anyone can start a buying opportunity if you know a company that will offer wholesale and/or free shipping for bulk buys.

We sent a message to the group listing the price per pound or item, depending on what you are purchasing, then we set up a database for folks to list their name, phone, email, items wanted, payment (usually we use Paypal, personal, so no fee is charged).  Set a time the offer will close and make sure you have collected everyone's payment and have a way to contact them.  Then you place the order with the company and have it shipped to you.  

Depending on what you order you handle the sorting of items and letting everyone know when and where to pickup their orders.  If it is a really large order and you need help, ask for volunteers to come over and help you sort.  I have done both, myself and asked for help.  Usually when one person handles it all they charge a $1 or two hosting fee per order.  Sometimes you have to buy ziplock bags or containers in order to divide items and you need to charge enough to cover your cost.

One lady did a bulk buy for grains and got orders for 16,000 pounds of wheat, spelt, flax and other grains to grind for breads.  Now that was one large order!

I hosted orders for unpasteurized almonds and ordered over 180 pounds.  And for sprouted trail mix and nuts and both were very successful.

This is a great way to buy the products you want and save by buying in bulk.

We also do bi-weekly orders for eggs and milk from local sources and monthly to bi-monthly to quarterly from Azure, Mountain Herbs, Tropical Traditions, and other companies that sell numerous healthy products.

If you don't belong to any Yahoo groups go and sign up so you can check out all the options available in your area.


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