Share Your Favorite Supplier

This is an open invitation and opportunity for you to share one of your favorite suppliers.  

As artists and crafters we are always looking for the best supplies for the best prices and when that includes great customer service and quick shipping then we have a winner we need to share with other artists and crafters.

Since I live in the United States, I of course prefer buying in the United States and prefer handmade when ever possible.  So many of our US companies have gone out of business because of political moves by corrupt government bigwigs. 

There are many supplies today that come from China and other countries and can only be had through 'distributors' and the quality is not as good as when these items could be bought 'locally'.  

Shipping cost has risen to an all time high here in the US and our postal system is still in decline due to mismanagement and corrupt officials.  

As small business owners we can help each other succeed and keep handmade alive by sharing our favorite suppliers for whatever country we live in.  

If I get enough response I will add a list of supply sources for other countries.

So take a minute to leave a comment with a link to your favorite supplier!


Lady Artisan said...

I won't say it's my all-time favorite supplier but I love this place for brads:

Betty said...

Thanks for sharing this supply source! They do have lots of cute brads and their clearance page has some wonderful buys!