Arizona, It's A Dry Heat!

Just got back from Arizona where the temperature was 115 degrees up to 121.  Yes, it is a dry heat, no humidity.  

I was always told that a dry heat did not feel as hot as a humid heat.  

I was in Arizona for 3 days and my body is a total wreck! It was so miserably hot that I got heat exhaustion and dehydrated even though I was drinking lots of water and had access to a swimming pool.  Then the time change from Texas to Arizona is two hours so when my body was ready to go to bed everyone there was ready for dinner!  I would wake up at 7 or 7:30am Texas time and everyone else was still asleep because it was 5 or 5:30am.

We were in the Phoenix, Arizona area where all the subdivisions had rock yards, no grass to be seen anywhere.  The folks we stayed with had a patch of grass in the backyard about 5 x 10 and actually paid a gardener $35 to take care of it along with one yucca and two dying palms!

The shopping strips had "misters" all around the top canopies over the entry doors trying to put moisture into the air.  It was so hot that the mist never reached my glasses (I am only 5" 2") as it would evaporate before it could reach the concrete walkways.

The most beautiful area was close to the New Mexico border where all the rocks on hills and mountains are perched at amazing angles, looking like they will fall any moment but don't!  It looks just like in the cartoon for the Roadrunner and Wile Coyote!  The rocks or I should say boulders look like you could blow on them and they would tumble down!  It is truly an amazing sight!

I am very, very happy to be home in humid Texas!

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