Our First Senior Artisan Spotlight - Metal Artistry

Thanks to all "Seniors" who have submitted a shop or studio!  We now have 24 on the list (see first column to the right).

I encourage everyone to visit the other shops/studios and tweet an item you like.  If you have a blog you may want to mention our list and/or do a post about one of the shops/studios.

The first senior to submit a studio was Lynn Jones (see her Bio) who owns Metal Artistry.

Lynn says "I am not about a particular style becuase my work is simply a culmination of everything I have learned up till now. I constantly try to learn new things, develop new skills and stretch what is already a very active imagination."

Samples of her beautiful work: 

Long Copper Leaf Necklace With Pearl Accents by Metal Artistry


Jade Bracelet & Earrings in pale green with Copper Accents set

 Sterling Silver Ring red agate with Orange

I love what she says in her Bio:  Drawing classes led to ceramic classes which led to painting classes, which led to beading classes and books, and books, and tutorials, and more work. This jewelry is the result of observations of a lifetime. Never quit learning, observing and practicing.

Lynn's work is some of the most beautiful and creative I have seen!  

Please visit her studio and add to your favorites, tweet your favorite item!  


KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Lynn has absolutely beautiful work!!

KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Stunning...I love that leaf!

basketsbyrose said...

Love Lynn's work. Yes never stop learning something!