Compendium of Shops for Handmade Items

A compendium of crafters from all over the world...who handmake and handcraft their own creations.

Louise Felice has put together this site for worldwide crafters who handmake their items. She has offered to list your shop if you send her thumbnails in 2 rows and 2 column form.

She states " In my rebellion against mass production, I have started a list of HANDMADE mass production fakes!!".

Her site states "from all over the world", so check with Louise she may even list those who do not have a shop on Etsy!

I think we can all agree that we are tired of all the imported, cheaply made, mass producted with slave labor items that have saturated the US market.

I invite those of you from other countries to let us know if you have the same problem with mass produced in your country.

Be sure and pass the link along to others so more can be added. And tell your buyers to visit if you they just want a place to scroll through and see all the wonderful creative, artistic folks out there!

Thanks to Louise.

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