Promote Your Blog with Scoutle

I just joined and am excited about this site. It is free to join and you setup your own webcrawler to search and connect you to other blogs and websites.

Scoutle offers a solution by allowing bloggers to create a personal webcrawler, called Scout, which will do the work for you. He will promote your blog to interested people but without bothering them, he will search other interesting blogs for you and by comparing results Scoutle will rate all blogs, continuously.

It is hard these days to find interesting websites and people without being misled by copycats, fake profiles and commercials. It is also hard to attract the visitors you hope for when working on a website or blog. Scoutle helps by filtering out websites that no one finds interesting, are only about commercials or are outdated. In the meantime they help you get visitors to your site that are interested, giving you an audience that your work and efforts deserve.

Scoutle will promote your blog to those that are likely to be interested and will get more interested visitors to your blog or website. You decide if you want to connect to a blog or website. Then you decide if you want to subscribe to their site or exchange links.

I have already connected with lots of Etsy sellers and some other websites I did not even know about.

Scoutle has already given me over 3800 sites to check out and connect with if we both agree we like each others sites or blogs.

I invite you to check out Scoutle by clicking on the link at the bottom left of this page. I believe you will be impressed with the way they have this promotional tool setup.



MySweetThree said...

Great Blog..Lots of wonderful information I found on here, so thank you. =) I would love to subscribe to your post..I hear there is a way to do that... (I am very very new to the world of blogging, still wet behind the ears) I have so much to learn!

Grandma Betty said...

I sent you an invite to join Scoutle and connect with my blog.

Just sign in and get setup, its not hard. If you have any problems let me know.


Krystyna81 said...

I'm on scoutle, too and I have defintly not embraced it fully - thanks for the info _ i will check it out again!

Godfried (Scoutle) said...

Hi Betty,

I know it's a bit late but I just wanted to thank you for joining Scoutle and writing about it. It's brand new and we are still in beta, but soon a new version will be coming out which we hope brings even more users and interesting blogs for you.

Thanks again and Scout you soon!

Godfried (Scoutle)
And blogs get found.