Copyright Infringement Follow up

I had email both and the seller on eCrater and asked them to remove the picture of my product the seller was using.

eCrater answered with more forms to fill out, which I did and sent back. No matter what I filled out and sent them they still wanted more! There was no more information to send them but they did act as though I was leaving something out. I finally told them I would have my attorney contact them and they said fine, do it! Real helpful, uh?

The seller on eCrater that was using my picture finally answered and said they had gotten the picture off of a "public site", whatever that means. They did not furnish a name, address or any additional info, but they did remove the picture as of yesterday.

I will continue to monitor to see if this seller uses it again.

Needless to say I will not be listing any of my products on eCrater since they were not helpful at all with this problem.

The lack of people on staff to monitor listings and handle problems seems to be one of the biggest problems that "selling sites" have. They start something that has great potential but then can't seem to figure out how to make it better or just keep it under control.

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