Slowest Month Yet Will It Get Better or Worse?

Well, lets hear from all you folks out there who are having a profitable month.

This is the slowest month so far for me on Etsy. Also on my websites.

Some reasons why:

School is starting in the next week or so and school supplies, clothes and shoes for the kids are priority.

Some folks are just getting back from a vacation and have no money left!

Gas prices, food prices, electric, propane and everyday items have continued to soar in cost.

Insurance prices have just gone up.

Our cost of living is rising but our incomes are not keeping up.

Not sure it will get any better after the elections this fall since neither party candidate is going to help the middle class or stop overseas shipments of cheap products with lead and bad produce, nor stop giving our wealth away to support other countries but ignoring our collapsing infrastructure, nor allow drilling on our own land and waters so we can be self supporting instead of relying on foreign oil.

I do recommend everyone write in their own candidate to let both parties know that they are not representing the American people anymore. I also recommend that you vote every congressman out of office (their rating is still below 10%, the lowest in history) and start fresh.

I am believing it will start picking up, at least locally, in September and the fall. I have local shows to do in October, November and December which should help.

I will be believing with all of you artists and crafters out their to have a prosperous fall also.

Comments welcome.

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terryann said...

hey howdy, summer even with "back to school" is the slowest for retail! it will pick up soon!