Copyright Infringement

Someone on the Etsy forum said they also listed on and was very pleased with sells there.

So I had to go check it out. What is the first think you do when you check out a new potential listing site? You look for items like your own, right?

I searched through craft supplies and fabrics and thought okay I could possibly offer something they don't seem to have here.

Then I searched for body butters because I also have a website where I sell body and lip butters, bug away, coconut oil and gift sets (click on Grandma Bettys at the top of the page).

Then I searched for ear candles because I hand make and sell those on my website at Lee's Candles (again, see top of page). I was surprised to see some listed and clicked on the link to check them out. And low and behold there is a picture straight from MY website of my two ear candles! I read all the info on the link and they don't make their own ear candles and don't buy from me and certainly did not ask permission (which I would not have given!) to use my picture. Definitely copyright infringement since I have had my website up for over 10 years with pictures.

I emailed the contact for the link and asked them to remove my picture and haven't heard from them yet. I also emailed eCrater and they sent me back a 'form' to 'prove' I am the owner, which I filled out and returned to them.

There has been several threads on Etsy about pictures being 'stolen' and reused in other shops and I will have to go back there and read through them all to see how Etsy handles this type of problem. I don't remember seeing any "solution or help" from Etsy on this subject.

If anyone knows how Etsy handles these things please leave a comment. Or if you know exactly what rights we have or what recourse please comment. Apparently this is happening across the internet not just on Etsy.


Nothinglikeit said...

Wow! That's a scary thing! You work so hard on your product - pictures and descriptions are as much a part of the physical product as anything! Good luck and I hope it resolves quickly in your favor.

MySweetThree said...

Oh...This is awful! I hope it works out for you! Be sure to post updates..will you? Good Luck!