Fall Planting Time - Tomatoes are a Must!

We spent the evening working on the community garden which is on our 3 acres, preparing it for fall planting. We have six families that are involved and we are making raised bed with paths inbetween. Lots of hard work but will be worth it when we start harvesting!

The reason I mention this is because I stumbled across a wonder blog the other day called, "This Garden is Illegal", published by Hanna and it is a must see!

She did a taste test of five different tomatoes and shares her findings! She goes into detail about what they are like sliced and what each taste like.

If you are a tomato and gardening fan like me you will truly enjoy reading this blog!

Hanna also is the lady that has the flower quiz. Check mine out on the right sidebar. It turns out I am a daffodil, even though roses are my favorite! It is a lot fun just to take the quiz to see what flower you are!

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