Etsy First for Supplies

Most people who list on Etsy do so because they believe handmade is better then mass produced, and because they have a desire to recycle, reuse, upcycle, and re-purpose.

So, I was rather surprised to see a thread this morning on Etsy about ordering bulk items from overseas. I honestly do not know if they are buying "handmade" items to use in their end product or not. BUT, I am wondering if they have thoroughly checked out the supplier and know they do not use 'slave labor'.

Did they check for the items on Etsy before going overseas? Maybe, maybe not.

In order to keep the "handmade pledge" alive and well on Etsy, folks should search Etsy first before looking elsewhere. Surely, the cost of shipping alone would be less, especially if ordering from the country you live in.

I do understand that there will be items we need that can not be found on Etsy. Therefore I have started a list of 'Supply Sources'. See right column titled such.

I welcome everyone to let me know if you know of a good source to purchase from for those items that can not be found on Etsy.

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