Lady Artisan Featured Etsy Artist

Lady Artisan, Eva, is one of my favorite Etsy sellers.

Her dragon and egg made from polymer clay is just outstanding! She told me about the time she took it to a local art show and had quite a few folks that ask her if it was real! Check this out yourself in her Etsy shop.

On her website: www.ladyartisan.com She says "My interests focus on two main themes: sculpting and ancient history. I like sculpting figures, characters I’ve made up, because it gives me the opportunity to explore who they are, what they’re like, and why they’re here. Ancient art, writing, and cultural themes have captured my imagination since I was nine and most ancient civilizations incorporated sculpting into various forms of expression from written to decorative. I love researching about them and bringing our past into our present. I believe that the world’s history is my history, regardless of the race or culture and love getting in touch with that past through my art.

Eva has a second Etsy shop. Here she has some of the most unique and unusual journals, pocket notebooks and books.

This Maya Codex I is one of my favorites. She also makes pocket and purse size notebooks that can be refilled with paper.

Another of my favorites is this one.

Visit Eva's shops and website and her blog for many more interesting items and more 'history' about Eva.

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Lady Artisan said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful write-up on me. I appreciate the compliments!