Get Ready for Holidays with Gift Certificates

It is time to think through what type of gift certificates you want to make available to your customers for the upcoming holidays. I wanted to get some up so folks have plenty of time to purchase, receive and mail to their 'special' person before Thanksgiving.

I have several types that I will be using but wanted to share this simple one with you.

You can use cardstock, old postcards or any scraps of pretty paper you have around. I used a cardstock for the green inside sheet and vinyl floral wallpaper from a old sample book for the outside, see top picture.

This one is approximately 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Cut your inside and outside sheet the size you need. You will want to score each sheet where you want to fold them. In my case I only needed 1/2" so I drew a faint line down the middle of each card and measured 1/4" to the left and the right and then scored on both of those drawn lines.

Taking the inside sheet I cut slits all the way through so my lip butter would fit in the middle under a tab and then cut through at the top and bottom for tabs to help hold the lip tube in place. I then glued both pieces, inside sheet and outside sheet, together being careful not to glue the tabs down.

I added metal eyelets and ribbon to close my little 'book' of lip butter and gift certificate. I then made two small cards with information about the gift certificate, what products were available, and my Etsy shop address and glued them inside the card.

Have some fun thinking of your own 'version' for your gift certificates!

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